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“When I peeled back the layers I found a beautiful resilience inside. This is how I know I’ll always thrive.”

~ Lori Schaefer

Divorce Counseling & Coaching

Divorce counseling & coaching most likely will benefit you if you fit within any of the following scenarios:

  • You’re trying to decide whether or not to stay in your relationship/marriage
  • You’re wondering if you have grown out of love with your partner and whether it’s possible to fall back in love
  • You’re feeling devastated because your spouse has recently approached you stating he/she wants a divorce
  • You’re traumatized because you recently discovered your partner is having an affair
  • You’re having an affair and feeling tremendous guilt and shame
  • You’re completely overwhelmed and confused by the divorce process
  • You’re through the legal process of separation/divorce and wondering what the next chapter is going to look like for you

If any of these resonate with you, you most likely have some decisions to make and don’t know where to start.

Whether you are trying to decide if your marriage is salvageable or experiencing or overcoming divorce, I can help. With my specialized training in marriage and family therapy as well as divorce coaching, not only am I a thinking partner, but I can offer resources to help you move forward and make sound decisions that are sensitive to the family system. Most people call an attorney immediately when they hear the word “divorce”.  Before you call an attorney, call me. Not only can I help you manage your emotions and overwhelm, but I can also help save you some money.  I am committed to offering a safe, non-judgemental space in which you can heal and start the process of creating the life of your dreams, whether you choose to stay in your relationship or not.

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Meet Sherry L. Smith, MA, LMFT, CDC®
Marriage and Family Therapist | 
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

Through my own experience as a child of divorce and, later, my own divorce, I have a strong belief that the narrative around divorce needs to change. My belief is that when a marriage ends it does not mean the family ends. It just means the family takes on a different form. Sometimes new members join the family, sometimes not.  I also believe divorce can be the catalyst for the change needed to reconnect with the best version of yourself.

Through my specialized training in relationships, I am here to help you achieve a kinder, gentler and more compassionate child-centered divorce that minimizes trauma to the family system.  My training includes:

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