Stories of Divorce Resiliency: Season 2, Episode 10

In this episode, Sherry has a conversation with Beverly Shoemaker. Beverly shares her inspirational story of resiliency from trauma. After the divorces of her 1st and 2nd marriages, Beverly lost her son in a tragic car accident. This was followed by the suicide of her 3rd husband. After a period of healing, Beverly was able to find lasting love and happiness in her 4th marriage. Beverly discusses how sharing [...]

Stories of Divorce Resiliency: Season 2, Episode 9

In this episode, Sherry interviews codependency expert Sheila Maitland, LCMHCS, CSAT. Sheila helps the listener gain clarity on exactly what codependency is and how it can be misconstrued for being needy with a partner, when, conversely, it can present itself as quite the opposite.  Sheila explains that, oftentimes, one can be highly successful professionally while being codependent in their relationships. She discusses the root of where this comes from [...]

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Stories of Divorce Resiliency: Season 2, Episode 5

In this fascinating episode, Sherry interviews energy healer and psychic medium Ed Carlton. In the interview, Sherry discloses her own personal experience with energy healing working with Ed when going through a painful break-up. Ed shares with the listener how the chakra system plays a role in our life experience and explains what area of our lives each chakra impacts. He also shares which  area of the body is [...]

Stories of Divorce Resiliency: Season 2, Episode 4

In this episode, Sherry interviews Karmic Astrologer Susan Reynolds. Susan shares how one can use their natal chart to understand not only how they show up in relationships but also gain an understanding of their overall relationship patterns. She also shares how understanding your partner's astrology can help you gain acceptance of certain personality traits. Susan brings her natural effervescence and passion to the interview and makes astrology relatable [...]

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