Imagine yourself as a little girl. You’re playing with your Barbies and setting up a wedding scene.

As you set up the scene, you create your own ideal wedding scene in your mind. You imagine yourself in your gorgeous white flowing wedding dress, make-up perfectly applied and hair flawlessly swept up to set off the sparkly earrings adorning your ears. As you start the long walk down the aisle, all eyes are on you. Not a dry eye in the place. Your beloved stands at the end of your journey, tears flowing down his cheeks as he gazes upon your loveliness.

That same little girl never imagined that this scene would end in divorce.

So here you are now, reading this blog and facing the terrifying unknown, life as a divorced woman. You never imagined you would be in this place when you were growing up. You imagined your life with a devoted husband. Maybe you imagined having children together. Now, if you have children, you are most likely consumed with thoughts of their care and how the divorce will affect them. You also wonder if you are emotionally equipped to care for them in the way they need you to right now. Know that you are not alone.

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and divorced woman. In my practice, I specialize in working with women who are going through the same experience as you are right now. My intention with this website and blog is to not only prepare you for what’s to come but, more importantly, to arm you with the tools needed to release the trauma of divorce and reclaim your power.

Divorce is one of life’s greatest tragedies. When it comes to the grieving process, it is second only to the death of a family member. It’s those tragedies that we don’t see coming that present the opportunity for the greatest personal growth. So wipe your tears and congratulate yourself for taking the first step towards a more self-aware, evolved, and more spiritual version of yourself.

The new you will be wiser, more balanced and enjoy an inner peace, joy and happiness beyond your wildest dreams.

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