In this podcast episode, Sherry welcomes back Karmic Astrologer Susan Reynolds.  Susan shares with the listener how the planetary energy of 2022 is different from 2020 or 2021. She also gives examples of how this energy might play out.  Susan has such warm, bubbly personality and delivers her information with compassion and kindness. If you have an interest in astrology, you will love this episode!

Susan has been an astrologer, spiritual healer and spiritual teacher for the last 38 years, bringing her unique style of astrology reading to her many national and international clients. Believing that the mystical and practical should work together, Susan combines her psychic skills with her astrological knowledge to give her clients a one-of-a-kind reading. In lectures and workshops, she shares her joy of learning with her students, making spiritual subjects come alive.

Over the years Susan’s skills have developed to the point she now teaches the knowledge and wisdom she has worked with for decades. Believing that everyone can work with the same principles she does, Susan offers classes and workshops to help people develop their own unique gifts.  Susan has been featured on WCCB news and is the current president of The Council of Esoteric Professionals.

Please note that the information and predictions shared in this episode are for entertainment purposes only and should not be viewed as financial or medical advice.