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S3 E6 The Story of How Divine Guidance Led to Mind/Body Healing After Divorce

In this episode, LaQuita Fergerson shares how following her intuition after her divorce led her to move across the country, reclaim her identity, and heal her body from a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. LaQuita has a warm, soothing energy that the listener is sure to appreciate.  This episode is helpful for anyone who is considering making  major life changes in their divorce recovery or is looking for inspiration on how [...]

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S3 E5 Happy New Year! Dealing with Emotional Eating Leads to Sustainable Success in Weight Loss

This episode is sure to resonate with  listeners who want to address in the new year their  pattern of self-medicating their feelings with food and, thus, find that sustainable weight loss is elusive to them. Sherry and Sherri discuss how addressing negative core beliefs and looking at the emotions that drive unhealthy eating are crucial to achieve lasting weight loss. Sherri Clarke, MS, RD, LDN is a registered dietitian [...]

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S3 E4 How Time Can Give Perspective on Relationship Patterns After Divorce

In this podcast episode, Sherry chats with therapist and Certified Divorce Coach® Mindy Walder.  Mindy was married to someone closely associated with someone famous and has been divorced for 10-years. She talks about how she can look back and see her codependent patterns early on in her divorce process.  She discusses the importance of clear boundaries in navigating a coparenting relationship with your former spouse, even if the relationship [...]

S3 E3: A Sexologist’s Perspective on Divorce and Sexuality (hint, it’s not all about sex!)

In this episode, Dr. Aleida Heinz discusses how divorce can be an opportunity to examine how emotional connection has an impact on the sexual experience in relationships.  Dr. Heinz shares her own experience with her divorce and describes how she took the time to grieve the loss and do the work on herself so she could show up in a healthier way in her 2nd marriage, which ultimately led [...]

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S3 E2 ENCORE: Grieving the Loss of a Marriage

In this encore episode from Season 1, Noam shares the importance of healthy masculinity and the male perspective of grief as well as how the Mankind Project helped him with his own grieving process.  He shares his unique perspective on the importance of using religious ritual one might already be familiar with in honoring the death of a loved one to help bring closure at the end of a [...]

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S3 E1 What is Sex Addiction and How to Know if You or Your Partner has it

In this episode, Sherry chats with sex addiction expert David Sanchez, LCHMC, CSAT.  David, in his warm, empathetic way discusses what sex addiction looks like and how he assesses for it. He talks about how sex addiction differs from serial cheating. David discusses various types of addiction and the difference between substance and process addictions. This episode is helpful for anyone who wonders if they or their partner might [...]

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Stories of Divorce Resiliency: Season 2, Episode 12

In this fascinating episode, Sherry welcomes back Breta Collins.  Breta breaks down infidelity into types to help the listener identify which type they might be dealing with in their own relationship.  Breta also talks about how recovery can happen based on type and when recovery might not be possible. Helpful for anyone dealing with infidelity who might be feeling lost and confused on where to go from here in [...]

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Stories of Divorce Resiliency: Season 2, Episode 11

In this episode, Sherry shares the actionable steps to take in your divorce recovery in order to create a happy and fulfilling life post-divorce.  Not only has Sherry helped hundreds of clients achieve happiness as they embark on their next chapter, but she has lived it herself! Divorce is incredibly painful. On the other side of any painful experience is opportunity. No one tells you that divorce leaves you [...]

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Stories of Divorce Resiliency: Season 2, Episode 10

In this episode, Sherry has a conversation with Beverly Shoemaker. Beverly shares her inspirational story of resiliency from trauma. After the divorces of her 1st and 2nd marriages, Beverly lost her son in a tragic car accident. This was followed by the suicide of her 3rd husband. After a period of healing, Beverly was able to find lasting love and happiness in her 4th marriage. Beverly discusses how sharing [...]

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Stories of Divorce Resiliency: Season 2, Episode 9

In this episode, Sherry interviews codependency expert Sheila Maitland, LCMHCS, CSAT. Sheila helps the listener gain clarity on exactly what codependency is and how it can be misconstrued for being needy with a partner, when, conversely, it can present itself as quite the opposite.  Sheila explains that, oftentimes, one can be highly successful professionally while being codependent in their relationships. She discusses the root of where this comes from [...]

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