In this episode, Hilda Dumont, LMFT with Apricity Counseling PLLC shares information she has gathered from her years of experience working as an in-home therapist. Hilda has worked with families who are dealing with all types of transition. In her warm, empathetic demeanor Hilda informs the listener on her tips and best practices for helping your child move through the transition of divorce using the LUV technique. Hilda and Sherry also discuss examples of how well-meaning, overwhelmed parents can handle things poorly while providing concrete tools on how best to support your child.

Hilda Dumont is a bilingual Marriage and Family Therapist. She has been working with adolescents and families for over 10 years. Hilda has recently opened her own private practice, Apricity Counseling Services, offering virtual psychotherapy in the state of North Carolina. Hilda particularly enjoys helping teens and young adults tackle their difficulties so they can develop into confident and self-reliant individuals.

Hilda can be found via her website Apricity Counseling Services or on FB at @APCounselingNC