In this episode, Greta shares her incredibly inspirational story that started by being shocked when her seemingly happy marriage was shattered by infidelity. Greta shares her healing journey that started after  her husband left her for his affair partner. She discusses how time and distance helped her realize how she wasn’t really that happy in her marriage.

Greta is a Management Consulting Director focused on Data and Analytics for a Big 4 consulting firm based in Charlotte, NC. She has embarked on quite a journey over the past 5 years! An abrupt divorce 5 years ago served as one of a handful of epiphany moments that have led her to reexamine her life goals and reshape herself and her vision for long term happiness. Since then, she has been focused on living a full life very intentionally and has successfully navigated a substantial health journey in the process.

Here are the links to the resources Greta shares in this episode:

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