Denise Banks-Wilson is a divorce & family mediator and co-parent coach.  Much to her shock, on the day she completed her divorce mediation certification program, her husband asked for a divorce.  During what became the most challenging time in her life, Denise found herself helping other hurting individuals as they went through their divorces.  Denise took to heart the strategies she was sharing with her clients and through her work with them, she became a survivor.

Denise has worked in the divorce and co-parenting arena since 2006.  Over 4500 individuals have attended her Positive Coparenting workshop and she’s conducted over 350 family mediations.  At the time of her divorce, Denise was the co-parent mom of three, including a 14-year-old son.  They became survivors too.

Sherry and Denise discuss the journey of healing and self-reflection that divorce prompts. Denise shares how her experience filling out an online dating profile really allowed her to get to know herself on a deeper level, and to appreciate her authentic self.