In this episode, Sherry chats with sex addiction expert David Sanchez, LCHMC, CSAT.  David, in his warm, empathetic way discusses what sex addiction looks like and how he assesses for it. He talks about how sex addiction differs from serial cheating. David discusses various types of addiction and the difference between substance and process addictions. This episode is helpful for anyone who wonders if they or their partner might be struggling with any type of substance use disorder or addiction, not just sex addiction.

David Sanchez, is the founder and owner of a thriving group private practice, Charlotte Counseling Associates and is  happily married with 12 and 1/2 year old twins in the Charlotte, NC area. David  leads a team of dynamic, caring and seasoned therapists who assist him with his specializations of sex addiction/compulsive behaviors, infidelity, trauma work, anxiety disorders, men’s assertiveness, couples work, and faith-based counseling (upon request).

David has a specialization and passion with working with adult men who are struggling with sexual addictive or compulsive behaviors and men that have a hard time saying “no”, meeting their needs, being assertive, and being able to communicate in a vulnerable and authentic way

David is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, a certified sex addiction therapist, and has advanced training in  EMDR, Experiential Therapy and Brainspotting.