In this podcast episode, Sherry chats with therapist and Certified Divorce Coach® Mindy Walder.  Mindy was married to someone closely associated with someone famous and has been divorced for 10-years. She talks about how she can look back and see her codependent patterns early on in her divorce process.  She discusses the importance of clear boundaries in navigating a coparenting relationship with your former spouse, even if the relationship is amicable.  The listener is sure to enjoy Mindy’s warm effervescent personality.  This episode is helpful for anyone who is early on in the divorce process and would like to hear from someone who has gained wisdom from her experience post-divorce.

Mindy Walder (She/Her) is a therapist and coach working to help others find the connection between healing, personal accountability and social transformation. Mindy began her practice 10 years ago serving marginalized teenagers by helping them learn to cope within the systems that failed them. There, she honed her skills in conflict resolution techniques and self-care practices, which later served her practice as a transformation counselor/coach. Mindy’s current work centers specifically around individuals who are navigating the process of divorce—at any stage therein. She helps clients realign action with values to best care for (and protect) themselves and their children in this challenging time of emotional and physical upheaval. Mindy holds an M.S. in Counseling Psychology and is a Certified Divorce Coach®. She holds a certificate from the Mindsight Institute, having studied with Jack Kornfield and Dan Seigel the relationship between neuroscience and Buddhist/mindfulness practices.

Mindy currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with her two teenage children and goldendoodle, Leona. In her spare time, she is writing a middle grade fiction series, called Parissma.

Mindy’s website is currently under construction and will be active again in January, 2022. She can reached at to book an appointment and is taking new clients over zoom.