In this fascinating episode, Sherry interviews energy healer and psychic medium Ed Carlton. In the interview, Sherry discloses her own personal experience with energy healing working with Ed when going through a painful break-up. Ed shares with the listener how the chakra system plays a role in our life experience and explains what area of our lives each chakra impacts. He also shares which  area of the body is specifically impacted when going through a relationship break-up. Very insightful!

Ed Carlton is an Empath, Psychic and Medium. Connecting with Spirit through angels and spirit guides. Ed has a strong passion for helping people who want to learn to connect with Spirit. Ed feels so strongly about it, he has created a team of professionals who also share a deep connection and have worked hard to educate themselves to give the best services. Ed is a best selling author of the book  “Psychic Medium Within”, available on Amazon.