Noam Raucher is a coach of many colors. Noam is a divorce coach and offers men and dads, who are going through the haze of divorce and feel abandoned, a holistic: mind, body, and soul approach for going through major transitions in their lives with a teammate, confidence, and strategy.  In addition to that, Noam works with men individually and in small groups to build a life full of integrity, accountability, and emotional intelligence free of shame or judgement. Noam is also an ordained rabbi and trained educator and offers spiritual coaching to all who are seeking it. Whether that be through personal challenges, relationship struggles with family or intimate partners, and parenting. Noam has training in grief counseling, pastoral care, and process and emotional support group facilitation. Noam is a proud father, avid hiker, and is learning how to moonwalk without falling on his face.

In this final episode of season 1, Noam and Sherry discuss healthy masculinity, and how men can overcome the need to fit into certain boxes in society. Noam describes the importance of a supportive group when it comes to taking responsibility for yourself and envisioning a future in which you learn from your divorce process. In particular, Noam shares his advice for people experiencing divorce within the Jewish community and how to grieve the loss of a marriage much like you would grieve a death.