Erin Stephenson, from Massachusetts, is currently a certified Health Coach and Fitness Professional teaching classes from meditation/yoga to cycle and weight lifting. Erin is a former Early Childhood Director/Owner of two Early Childhood Education programs. She has continued working actively as a consultant to both schools, and recently provided a program for elementary age children teaching the world of yoga, to help help anxiety in young children. As a certified health coach, she helps many individuals reach their health and fitness goals. She believes “healthy” is a lifestyle!

Erin is a mother and stepmom to 6 children. She is happily married to a wonderful husband. Her inspiration is to inspire others to live a happy and healthy life!

In this episode, Sherry and Erin discuss the divorce process from separation, to reconciliation, to divorce. They share their advice on healing, prioritizing your own health and well-being, and getting back into the dating scene with clarity about what you want in a partner.