In this episode, the first episode of Season 2,  Sherry interviews Christine Suhan.  Christine brings her real, down-to-earth, authentic self while sharing her inspiring story of recovering from her divorce from a mentally ill spouse.  Christine also shares how her 12-years of recovery from addiction played a role in her divorce recovery process. Christine discusses how she manages to incorporate self-care while also managing full custody of her three children.  Sherry and Christine share with the listener insight into the brain’s functioning when experiencing trauma and how to integrate traumatized parts of the brain for more healthy whole brain functioning.

Christine  is a single mom to three incredible boys and works as a clinical therapist for a fully virtual treatment center that specializes in treating Opioid use disorders, eating disorders and other mental illnesses that interfere with daily functioning. Her graduate degree is in marriage and family therapy and her passion lies in working with recovering addicts, PTSD and trauma.