In this episode, Sherry has a conversation with Beverly Shoemaker. Beverly shares her inspirational story of resiliency from trauma. After the divorces of her 1st and 2nd marriages, Beverly lost her son in a tragic car accident. This was followed by the suicide of her 3rd husband. After a period of healing, Beverly was able to find lasting love and happiness in her 4th marriage. Beverly discusses how sharing her story with military veterans combined with connecting with her faith has helped her heal.  This episode is beneficial to anyone who has been divorced more than once and wants hope that lasting love is available to them or anyone who has experienced the loss of a close family member.

Beverly is the creator and host of the Resilient Heart Podcast. She is a published blogger, resilience mentor, and inspirational speaker. Beverly is no stranger to adversity. After losing a husband to suicide and her son in a drunk driving crash, she wanted to give up. She battled depression and discouragement, loneliness and pain, yet she persevered and ultimately found hope. Now she seeks to share that hope with others.  Beverly can be found at  Information on her podcast can be found at