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Leaning in or leaning out?

In my first session with clients, I explore their position in the relationship. As William (Bill) Doherty, PhD (the mastermind behind Discernment Counseling) points out, when a couple is considering divorce, there is typically a "leaning in" partner and "leaning out" partner. The leaning in partner doesn't want the divorce and the leaning out partner does. My process is different for each party. If the client is leaning in, [...]

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How do I tell my children about my divorce?

I typically start seeing divorcing women at the stage when they are considering divorce. They are early on in the process and trying to decide if their marriage can be salvaged. Some of the first questions I get if there are children involved go something like this: "How will the children be affected? If we decide to do it, how do we tell them?" Generally speaking, how the children [...]

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Divorce Resiliency Intention

Imagine yourself as a little girl. You’re playing with your Barbies and setting up a wedding scene. As you set up the scene, you create your own ideal wedding scene in your mind. You imagine yourself in your gorgeous white flowing wedding dress, make-up perfectly applied and hair flawlessly swept up to set off the sparkly earrings adorning your ears. […]

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