In this episode, Sherry shares her best practices to shift your thinking on Valentine’s Day and use it as a way to express all kinds of love, while creating ritual and intention to draw more love into your life.  This episode is short but it packs a powerful punch! In this episode, Sherry also announces her new book “The Successful Co-Parenting Workbook”, available to pre-order now.  See the link below to order.

Sherry Smith, LMFT, CDC® is a licensed psychotherapist, coach, author and speaker. Sherry has made the commitment to promote a non-adversarial divorce environment that is sensitive to the family system. She is also skilled at inspiring hope and purpose for people as they begin to step into an unknown future. Find her on Instagram or Facebook @divorceresiliency or visit her website

The Successful Co-Parenting Workbook

The History of Valentine’s Day